By Published On: November 19th, 20211.2 min read


Hello everybunny. A week and a half left of November! Don’t forget to place your orders on our website and we will donate $1 from every order to our local rabbit rescues! Pet rescues are something near and dear to my heart, and my moms heart! Heck, I came from a rescue!

There are so many friendly, loving, and lonely animals out there, and they just need a loving home. They have been mistreated, and abandoned. They have so much love and snuggles to give, if someone just gave them a chance.

We have been hearing from all of the rabbit rescues in the PNW that they are over capacity and still receiving calls every day to take in more. If you are in search of a new pet, please check out your local rescues before going to a breeder. When our rescues are full, that means more and more people are just going to abandon buns into the wild, where their survival rate is extremely low!

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving and just being compassionate people, please if you have room, and love to give, please consider fostering or adopting. It means so very much to those little guys. I can guarantee it. My mom saved me and has showered me with more love than I ever could have imagined.

So this Holiday season, give the gift of love! Go rescue an animal in need.

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