By Published On: June 25th, 20211.5 min read

“HAY, IT’S FRIDAY!” Welcome Bella to the team!

Hello friends.

I have two pieces of exciting news todays.

First, if you have not heard yet, I have a new coworker! Her name is Bella, and she is just as sweet as a plum. She loves snuggles all of the time and I seriously mean all of the time. Some of her favorite treats are butter lettuce, banana, and of course seed heads! Orchard Seed Heads are her absolute favorite! Mom is working on litter training her as we speak. You could only imagine how that is going…

But anyways, they hired her to help me with some of my responsibilities. So you may be seeing her on here from time to time. I am wanting to spend a little more time greeting customers, and making new friends in the store.

Well, you’ve probably been waiting to see a picture of Bella. So here you go.

I know. She’s pretty darn cute.

Now for the second piece of exciting news! We have preview products up on our website! So if you have been dying to try these delicious seed heads that I have been raving about, now is the time! Prices are amazing, and stock is limited! So grab yours before they are gone. My favorite are the Timothy Seed Heads, and Bella’s favorite are the Orchard Seed Heads. So you might as well try both!

We will soon have a launch date for our official products. But until then, stock up on the preview product while you still can, because that price is phenomenal.

Well friends, that’s it for this week. I will see you back here next Friday or maybe I will let Bella take a whack at this whole blogging thing. Regardless, thank you for coming back each week and listening to me vent.

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