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“HAY, IT’S FRIYAY” – Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season!

Hi all, How was your Thanksgiving? My mom was running around the house like a crazy person all day... She almost stepped on me twice because I would sneak up behind her in the Kitchen... Oops. I guess it was my own fault. We had lots of friends and [...]

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Hello Friends. My mom and I have been loving everybunnies Halloween Costume pictures! Keep them coming! I thought maybe if you're a procrastinator, like us, you may still need some costume ideas. I shared a few with you all last week, so if you didn't see that blog, make [...]

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“HAY, IT’S FRIYAYYYY!!!!” Exciting Product Announcement

Hello friends. Happy Friday! It was a busy week and let me tell you, I am more than ready for the weekend ahead. I'm ready for some rest, some relaxation, and most definitely some fun. You may be wondering, what made it so busy? Well if you haven't heard [...]

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“HAY, IT’S FRIYAY!” These are a few of my favorite things…

Good afternoon friends. Do you want to hear about a few of my favorite things: food, treats, toys, people, activities? Okay, don't actually answer that. It was a rhetorical question because I am going to tell you anyways... Let's start with the most obvious one. Food: Timothy Hay. My [...]

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“HAY, IT’S FRIYAY!” – Let’s talk about Bella’s FIRSTS…

Welcome back! We had an exciting week at the Round Lake Farm Products office! This week is all about firsts. I've been with my new mom about a month now, and it started out a little scary but now I have definitely opened up to her. She is pretty [...]

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