By Published On: August 6th, 20211.9 min read

“HAY, IT’S FRIYAYYYY!!!!” Exciting Product Announcement

Hello friends. Happy Friday! It was a busy week and let me tell you, I am more than ready for the weekend ahead. I’m ready for some rest, some relaxation, and most definitely some fun.

You may be wondering, what made it so busy? Well if you haven’t heard by now, go check out our new products under the shop menu! We finally launched our Timothy Seed Heads!

Look! It’s me posing with out new bags! Don’t they look terrific! My mom had a hard time getting a picture with me actually looking at the camera because I kept trying to get into the bag… oops. I just can’t help myself, they are so yummy.

I cannot stress this enough. If you haven’t bought any for your furry friends yet, then what the heck are you waiting for? Buy some right now! I promise they will love them! Trust me! I have been getting them every day since I came to live with my mom and you just never get tired of them!

Some people may be wondering: What is a Seed Head? Well friends, let me tell you. Seed Heads are the top portion of the hay where the crop stores most of its nutrients. And I will let you in on a little secret… It’s also the yummiest part of the hay. I promise your pets will agree.

So I hope by now you are ready to navigate over to the shop page and place your order of Timothy Seed Heads! I promise you wont regret it! Because you want to know something else that super cool? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with this product then just simply send it back and we will provide a full refund!

Our primary goal is to make all of your furry friends as happy as I am, and these treats will definitely lead them in that direction. However, nobody has a cooler mom than me… just saying…

Well friends, until next week. Please order some treats. I just know that you’re going to be so happy that you did. I hope you all have an incredible weekend! I know I will.

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