By Published On: September 3rd, 20211.6 min read


Can you believe it?

Our products are now available on Amazon!!! This is a huge step for our brand. Now we are able to reach the masses. We really hope everyone loves these treats as much as I do. Being a small fish in a sea of sharks is difficult, but we are truly hoping that everyone out there will help support our small business.

Speaking of small businesses, isn’t it nuts how many had to shut down since the start of the pandemic? It is so sad. These small mom and pop shops work so hard and put everything they have into their clientele and create some truly extraordinary products. So whenever possible, please try and support small business owners.

Okay, I’m done ranting.

I really just wanted to take today to tell you where you could find our products. Currently, the are available in store at Reber Ranch (Kent, WA), on our website (, and on Amazon (

Reber Ranch has supported us from the beginning and we are so grateful. Plus, if you are in the market for anything small animal, they have a huge selection (way bigger than Petco and PetSmart)!!

I assume if you are reading this blog than you are already familiar with our website.

As for Amazon, we currently have our Timothy Seed Heads and Orchard Seed Heads listed in 4 different sizes. I will attach the links to both below.



We would truly appreciate any support you can offer, even if that is simply a like and follow on social media. Thank you friends. I will see you here again next week…

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