By Published On: November 29th, 20212 min read

“HAY, IT’S FRIYAY” – Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season!

Hi all,

How was your Thanksgiving?

My mom was running around the house like a crazy person all day… She almost stepped on me twice because I would sneak up behind her in the Kitchen… Oops. I guess it was my own fault. We had lots of friends and family come over and hang out all day. My mom even let me try some pumpkin! It was delicious!!!

What is your favorite and least favorite parts of Thanksgiving?

My favorite was definitely the yummy pumpkin puree that my mom gave me.

My least favorite was all of the noise. There were so many people at the house that finding a quiet place was tough. But mom made sure to set my safe place up in the quietest corner of the house. I thought that with the holidays upon us, I would discuss a little bit about what to keep in mind when it comes to your rabbits…

First, for those of you planning to take off and leave your bun home alone all day make sure that they have plenty of water and hay. Also, maybe give them a new toy or hide some treats around their space to keep them occupied and out of trouble while you are gone.

Second, for those of you who are taking your buns with you for Holiday gatherings, make sure there will be a quiet area that you can make their safe place. Buns can get very spooked by loud noises and especially when they are in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. I only recommend bringing your bun to Holiday gatherings if they are well socialized and used to big crowds, and if you can guarantee there will be a quiet place for them to go and feel safe.

Third, for the hosts out there, consider moving your rabbits safe place away from the gathering area. That way they have somewhere to escape to if they get scared of all the people and noise.

The biggest thing no matter what your Holiday plans are, is to plan ahead and remember how frightening loud noises and big crowds can be for rabbits. Whether at your house or elsewhere, make sure they always have a safe place to escape to.

Happy Thanksgiving everybunny! Let the Holiday season begin!

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