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Hello friends. I feel like this week just flew right by. I learned my first trick this week. I learned that if I run over to mama when she calls out my name then it makes her really happy and it makes me really happy because I get a yummy treat. Speaking of treats… I decided to tell you all about my diet.

Basically, a rabbits diet should consist of about 80% grass or hay, and the remaining 20% is a mixture of dry food, raw veggies, and treats!

Now that you know what my diet should look like, lets actually go through my day and see what it actually is…

So I wake up with mom and dad at about 4:30am every day. They both come over and say good morning and give me lots of loves and fill up my water dish. Then mom cleans up all of my cocoa puffs that didn’t make it in the litter box… oops. Then they both leave for a little bit, and come back really sweaty. But I secretly love giving them kisses when they come home because their skin tastes so salty.

At about 6:30am, mom and dad are both ready for their day. This is when mom starts to get me ready for mine. She cleans out my litter box every single day and wipes everything down. She checks on my hay bag to make sure nothing got soiled on, and then fills it back up with Timothy Hay. Mom never lets my hay go empty because this is the most important part of my diet. Before she puts me in my travel crate she gets me my 1/4 cup serving of young rabbit pellets. This amount may vary depending on your age and size. I am on the higher end because I am still quite small and could put on a little bit of weight. When she’s done with this she gives me a little treat for being such a good girl. Sometimes the treat is half of a grape, other times it’s a small piece of carrot, and typically it’s a seed head treat.

After all of that, we kiss daddy goodbye and head to work. I have access to my Timothy Hay, Young Rabbit Pellets, and lots of water all day while at work. I get to free roam around the office all day. Throughout the day people sneak in and give me some yummy Seed Head Treats. Me and mom typically head home from work around 4:30pm.

Mom puts me in my cage for about 30 minutes while her and dad go for their daily walk. But when they get home, it’s party time. I get to free roam from about 5:30pm-8:30pm every night. Mom usually makes us all dinner around 6pm. I don’t know what they eat but it smells kind of funky. I think she calls it like steak or something… But mom makes me the yummiest salad bowl. It has lots of leafy greens and some cilantro and occasionally she throws in something a little sweet, like a piece of carrot or some fresh fruit. It is so yummy.

Usually me, mom, and dad snuggle on the couch from about 8:30pm-8:45pm before they put me in my cage for the night. They give me lots of loves and then turn out the lights. Sometimes I get a little rambunctious at night and swing my hay bag around to make lots of noise to wake mommy up… Then she comes and gives me more attention.

I am so darn lucky. I love my life. I am so spoiled.

Okay friends… Well I hope that was helpful… Honestly, I never get tired of talking about myself…

See you all next week! Ciao!

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