By Published On: September 17th, 20211.9 min read


Hello friends. How has everyone been? It feels so good to be back in the office. I was on pain meds last week, so sorry if my blog was a little wonky. But I am feeling good and almost back to 100% now. Although, I would be okay if the sympathy snuggles and treats never ended!

This is an adorable picture of me with a yummy Seed Head Treat in my mouth. Mom kept having to tell me to slow down because she couldn’t get a cute photo of me eating the treat. Every time she took the photo I had already gulped up the yummy Seed Head Treat… Jokes on her… I did that so she would keep giving me more.

Anyways moving on from how lucky I am… Have your heard about the crazy deal we are running right now?! You can get 50% OFF your first order of Seed Head Treats when you enter code NEW50 at checkout! Yes, you heard me right… 50% OFF! That is like insane. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get your fur babies the best treat ever known to rabbits! Plus, they are healthy?! Like what?! It’s like if your human babies loved broccoli! So many nutrients, yet they taste so yummy.

We offer Timothy Seed Head Treats and Orchard Seed Head Treats in four different sizes! You could get a 10 gram bag of each and see which one your bun prefers. My piggie friends say they absolutely love them too! My favorite are the Orchard Seed Heads. They are just so darn yummy… I wish mommy would let me eat them all day long. Screw the pellets, just give me a bowl of Seed Heads for breakfast. But then mommy has to remind me that they are a treat and not a meal replacement. Heck, you could have fooled me…

Anyways, don’t miss the chance to get this crazy offer! 50% off ends tomorrow!!! This is the perfect opportunity to give them a try. Just enter code NEW50 at checkout. You wont be sorry.

Well I hope you enjoy your fur babe enjoys their treats as much as I do… See you all next week. Have a fantastic weekend friends!

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