By Published On: October 15th, 20211.5 min read


Hello everybun. Happy Friday my friends. Are you getting enjoying the spooky season. Halloween doesn’t only have to be for one day. We can celebrate all month long. This week I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween costumes with you all. Me and mom haven’t decided yet what we are going to be…

First off, we have an adorable bumble bee costume! This would be a great one if you have another animal that you could dress up as a flower and make them a pair! This costume can be found here.

Next, we have the unicorn costume! this would be perfect for your sweet little girl! You could even make a unicorn army! This costume can be found here.

Coming up next might be one of my favorites… Super Mario Bros! This is absolutely perfect if you have 2 buns!!! Little Mario and Luigi. Too Cute. Maybe next year I will have a brother or sister that I could dress up with! These costumes can be found here.

Finally, this applies to those of you with white rabbits, and are looking for an easy costume this year… You can never go wrong with the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python?! I think you could do without the scary teeth… The way that buns silently judge you is scary enough… My moms lucky that I don’t do that…

Well friends, this was fun. Maybe the next two weeks I will continue to add my costume ideas! I have been seeing so many great costumes from our October Giveaway contestants and I am loving it! Don’t forget to join our giveaway by 10/31 to be entered for your chance to win a free sampler of Seed Head Treats! Goodbye everybun!

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