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Hello friends… As many of you know, I am at home recovering today from my spay. I figured I would hop on here really fast to just update everyone on how I am doing. This one will be short and to the point. But first look at this adorable picture that my mom took of me. I am so majestic.

Okay, moving on… Did you know that 1.4% of rabbits die while under anesthesia?

That percent may not seem like much by itself, but look at it this way…

In 2012, studies suggested that the pet rabbit population in the United States (not including rabbit breeders that raise rabbits for non-pet purposes) was at about 3.2 million rabbits. This means that if all those rabbits went in to be spayed or neutered then 45,000 of them would most likely die, and that is in the US alone. 45,000 rabbits is a lot of rabbits…

I’m not telling you these statistics to scare you, because trust me I believe that spaying or neutering your bun is the right thing. Unfixed buns are at a much higher risk for many diseases. Plus, there are soooo many rabbits in need of a home right now, we should be slowing down the reproducing and instead give a loving home to some of these rabbits in need.

The reason I want you to be aware of these statistics is because I want the bun owners out there to make sure you do your research. Please make sure the vet that you are scheduling a spay with has the proper experience and knowledge to handle small animals. We all know buns are extremely sensitive, sometimes vets get so used to bigger animals that aren’t as sensitive and they forget. So if you are looking into getting your bun spayed or neutered please make sure you do all of your research.

Thanks guys. Now I’m going to snack some more and take another nap… See you all next week. Hopefully I will be on the uphill mend come next Friday… Goodnight everyone.

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