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Welcome back! Did that week go by fast or what?

It was a beautiful week here in the Pacific Northwest. I feel like we have had the most incredible weather this year. We are just now entering June and we have already seen quite a few 80+ days. One can only hope that this isn’t just a tease, and we keep getting this beautiful weather. I love it because it means mom puts my exercise pen outside for me to play in. I love all of the quality time I get to spend with mom.

With the start of the sunny season, I figured I would give my loyal readers a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to letting your furry friend outside.

  • Make sure you are familiar with the area that you are bringing your rabbit to. Many areas use pesticides on the grass or weed killer in gardens. Both of these are extremely harmful to your rabbit, and could potentially result in death.
  • You also need to be careful of predators while outside with your rabbit. Even if the predator does not attack your rabbit, it is possible for your rabbit to die from the mere stress of the predators presence. My mom always brings my exercise pen outside and stays extremely close to me so that it is harder for predators to come near me.
  • Be cautious of the heat! I love the sunshine, but I can easily suffer from heat stroke. That is why my mom only brings me outside for short periods of time when it’s warm and she keeps my exercise pen in the shade. She also makes sure to bring my water dish out with us, so that I can stay hydrated!
  • Watch out for any harmful plants that may be in the area. Some common plants are extremely poisonous to rabbits. For example, hydrangeas. These are very common bushes to have in your yard, but the leaves, buds, and flowers are all highly toxic to your rabbit.

Bugs! Nobody likes them. But they really like your bunny! Always make sure to check your rabbit for bugs, like ticks and fleas, when you come in from being outside.

Being outside is an amazing experience, and I love being able to spend that quality time with my mom; but make sure to follow these precautions because it can become a terrible experience very quickly! Now go enjoy the sunshine with your little bun!

Until next Friday friends! Bon Voyage!

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