By Published On: July 16th, 20212.9 min read

“HAY, IT’S FRIYAY!” – Let’s talk about Bella’s FIRSTS…

Welcome back! We had an exciting week at the Round Lake Farm Products office! This week is all about firsts. I’ve been with my new mom about a month now, and it started out a little scary but now I have definitely opened up to her. She is pretty awesome. But we shared lots of first this past week.

I had my first owwie. I got really excited when running around the house and jumped up on the couch and then down off the couch. On the way down, I managed to bite my lip with my top two teeth. Mommy rushed over and cleaned it up, and kept and eye on it all week. Now it’s all healed up and I’m good as new.

You have to be cautious when rabbits get hurt. We aren’t able to speak to you and tell you when something is bothering us, so as our mom and dads we need you to pay close attention to us, especially when you suspect we may have an owwie. It can easily become infected if not properly cleaned. Also, what seems like a small cut to you, could actually be a pretty big cut for me and I may need to see a vet for stitches. So, make sure you pay extra close attention to your rabbit and learn how to read their non verbal mannerisms.

I had my first overnight visit with grandma and grandpa. It was supposed to be two nights but mom missed me too dang much that she had to come home a day early. A little secret from me to you: it’s true what they say about grandparents. They definitely spoiled the heck out of me.

Sometimes people assume that since rabbits are so small, that they are low maintenance. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just ask my mom. We need a lot of supervision and social time, so it is never a good idea to leave us alone overnight. We could get into mischief during our alone time, or even become depressed and feel abandoned. So, if you are ever going to be gone overnight, please find a reliable pet sitter with rabbit experience! Preferably somebody we have already met and feel comfortable around.

I had my first binky! Mom started crying with excitement… weirdo. I love when mom lets me free roam around the house. I get to squeeze under the coffee table and couches like my own personal tunnels. I get to sprint down the long hallways as fast as bunnily possible. I get to explore every inch of my home, especially around the fridge.

Binkying is a term used when we quickly jump and twist at the same time. When rabbits binky, it is a sign that we are so happy and excited that we just can’t contain ourselves. A lot goes into us binkying, including our diet, how comfortable we are with our surroundings, and how much space we have to move around in. When everything is just right, we do some of the cutest binkying imaginable.

Well friends, those are some of the firsts that me and mom shared this week. I wonder what next week has in store. If you’re interested in hearing about it, meet me back here next Friday at noon and I will share all the details. Until then, have a good weekend my friends.

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