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Welcome back, friends.

Last week I started telling you about how I got to be where I am today, and I promised that this week I would finish telling you that story. If you don’t remember, the short story was I had a really bad experience at my first home because I was a gift to a little human who went from being too aggressive to not caring about me at all. Then one day, I ESCAPED! Yay. But then I was captured, again. But my capturer was nothing like my original capturers. I had a big home with other bunnies to play with and nice people giving me lots of love and attention. I believe that is where we left off last week…

So… at this point I was just getting my first signs of real affection from humans, and I started to understand what all of the fuss was about. So how did I get from there to my parents house? The answer is adoption.

I am forever grateful for the woman that found me passed out on the road. She gave me a new fresh start to my life. She showed me how kind and loving people can actually be, and she made sure that my next home would be the absolute best experience for me. That’s the difference between adoption and breeders.

Adoption shelters do everything they can to make sure the person taking you home is kind, and caring, and able to give you the best possible life. Whereas breeders are just in it for the money. They don’t care what happens to you after you are paid for. That’s how I ended up in my first home. But adoption is how I ended up in my forever home!

So friends, if you are in the market for a bunny please consider adoption. These shelters are so incredible, and help us to rebuild our trust in humanity.

Until next time my friends. Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.

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